Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seawater Gallery

If a visit to the area Gerrale Street, the art lovers should visit Seawater Gallery. Especially for the homage arts naturalist. Because this is where the various display results that perpetuate the art of photography and the water or the waves as the main object, just like its name: Seawater Gallery.

This is where visitors will recognize the beauty of the sea itself is designed with a choice of attractive colors and artistic. One of the most reliable photographer whose work here is Scott Butcher. Seawater Gallery also offers website design services with artistic images here.

Not only that, here also sell a variety of handcrafted pearl, opal, brown glass, candle fragrances, soaps, perfumes, mold on the glass, and much more. If you would like to visit, could come any day Tuesday to Sunday 09:30 to 16:00.

Rivers of the World: At the River Inspired

The river is the source of life. Humans use the river for a living and means of transport, and consume most of Indonesian people to use the river water for sanitary purposes. But the river is also a source of inspiration in the creation of works of art. This is done by at least some students who are members of the Solo with other students from around the world in the Rivers of the World program.

Rivers of the World is a themed arts and education programs that use the river as a source of inspiration to produce works of art. The program was initiated by the British Council invites students to know more about their own city rivers and streams in other countries. So far the program has involved 2,000 students around the world, including Indonesian, represented by students from six secondary schools in Solo.

Sixth Solo paintings by students is finally on display at Solo. According to Linda Djayusman, Program Officer of the British Council, these works were previously exhibited in London in September 2012 as part of the River Thames festival for three weeks. In addition to student work Solo, Solo exhibition at hall Soedjatmoko This display also participated in the work of several students in London who joined the program.

Although both make the Solo River as a source of inspiration, but the difference in perspective makes Solo works that students have a different impression and spirit. For example, the students of junior High School 1 Solo, entitled Spirit of River , tells the story of the spirit of the people around the River Solo River which use the river as a means of transportation, commerce, recreation, and as a source of livelihood.

While the work of the Holy Kalam Christian junior high school students were given the title Tales of Rajamala. Rajamala is used as a puppet head icon by Keraton Surakarta kingdoms in the 18th century, to represent the spirit of River Solo, which has now become an icon of the city of Solo.

Students junior High School Solo 7 other again. They display a painting titled The Gate of Hope, which describes their regrets for not taking care of River Solo. But they also describe the door as a symbol of hope for the future River Solo river clean and be beneficial to the citizens.

River Solo song writer, Gesang, used the title for the work of students of junior high school 4 Solo. In the creative process, students are encouraged to conduct simple research why River Solo experiencing pollution. Inspired by the song River Solo, which was worldwide, students translate the Gesang figure in Indonesian means to live, as the theme of the work. River Solo saw the full face of pollution, they expect the river to be clean and beautiful as a song lyric that created Gesang.

Meanwhile, students of junior High School 9 facilitators Solo, Abu Juniarenta, and Dani Iswardhana judge, during the process of work students have the technical skills and individual talents boiling well. It is a challenge to produce a collective work interesting. Students should be able to bring together diverse ideas into unified whole. Through the work entitled Stream of Solo, they would like to invite the public to remember that the city of Solo Dalu is water, where the water becomes an important part in the lives of its people.

Unique work is also presented by the students of junior high school 1 Solo Kasatriyan photogram featuring the work entitled A Portrait of Life. Photogram is a photograph without a camera technique. All the images are made to present the ecosystems that live in River Solo then and now.

Additional elements that are not less interesting in the exhibition organized jointly with the Foundation's hometown is, displaying pieces of student work before it is merged into works together. While the works of English learners made famous River Thames beautiful as her inspiration.